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It always amazes me…

Posted by BarbaraZ on March 3, 2012

Closed, forgotten... now I must reopen it...

Here I am, wondering how to get myself in gear. I have started on this new journey and I am faltering… in several ways. It is like I closed the door or ‘gate’ when it comes to forward movement. I opened my email this morning and guess what I found… three emails with wisdom that should help me, if I put it all to work.

First Leo Babauta talks about the need to “Build the Muscle of Change.” He compares changing the ‘muscle’ of mental change with actual building up of real muscle… it takes time and persistence! He has some great pointers to follow. Check them out.

I started training my change muscle in 2005, when it was weak and I could never make any lasting changes. I felt helpless, and didn’t know what to do. I felt like I couldn’t ever make changes.

But I’ve learned in the years since that the change muscle is like other muscles: you might be weak at first, but you get stronger with regular training.

Then the next email up is from Linda Hewett. She is sharing her post about Starting your Confidence Transformation. I definitely need this as mine is dragging a bit. So much at work, stress involved there and facing the unknown within my new direction. Again, it is all spelled out in simple steps, just like Leo’s advice.

Step 1.  Start your Confidence Journal.

Nothing fancy, just a notebook to record your ideas about confidence as we go along.

You know you want to be confident, but what exactly do you mean?

What does confidence mean to you?

Think about this, and then write down…

‘If I was more confident I’d be able to…’

Write down as many answers as you can, building a picture of how you’d like to be.  Think of as many as you can!

As I am in the process of reading Linda’s link… another drops in my mailbox. This one is from Galen Pearl. While she talks about finding Happiness despite the Obstacles, she includes points that fit me… at this moment when I am dealing with self-doubt.

The problem, of course, is that self-doubt often leads to immobility. We stop and hesitate and stutter in our steps toward the life we dream of.

But we can give ourselves permission to act in the face of our doubts. We can grant ourselves the right to be human. We can grant ourselves permission to doubt, and then rise above those doubts, letting doubt have its say, then ignoring its plea to remain in the spot we’ve stayed in for too long.

And yet self-doubt seems to keep finding its way back home despite the actions we take and the growth we experience.

I learned from Galen that this was a guest post by Ken Wert… who has a great blog Meant to be Happy

OK… that is it, Barb. You have lots to do and some great advice to follow. Get to it!!  Thanks everyone!!

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8 Responses to “It always amazes me…”

  1. I hear ya! I too read wise words, understand what to do but struggle to do them. Good luck on the journey. Awareness is the start. Galen’s guest post by Ken was very motivating!

    • BarbaraZ said

      I missed that it was by Ken… love his blog. Looking forward to seeing if he is in the next edition of Life Skills Magazine by Ayo. I always enjoy his articles there.

  2. Linda said

    Thanks for the compliment, Barbara!
    In my re-focused blog I’m going to concentrate on simple, common sense, practical advice about confidence issues. The sort of advice/guidance I would give in a ‘one to one’ situation. Think I may have found my true niche at last!
    Confidence leaves us slowly and almost unnoticed until we realise we don’t seem to be as strong as we once were.
    I look forward to reading how you face up to all these changes.

    • BarbaraZ said

      Often, Linda, it is only in certain parts of our life where the confidence may be lacking. Put me in a classroom and I am fine. Put numbers in front of me and tell me to calculate them in some way and I freeze up! Writing, even though I have been doing it here and in other places for a while is fine too. Writing on subjects I am not familiar with… there I hesitate. Instead of a written journal, I may create a composite image drawn over time.

  3. Gerry said

    As someone said, “Don’t think; just do it.” I need to put my thinker on hold too!

  4. Barbara, Glad you got some mojo boosting messages! We all need that! And thanks for including the post on my blog, but just to be sure that credit is given where due, that was a guest post from Ken Wert. He is indeed an awesome and inspiring writer. Hope you are now jazzed.

    I see you posted something about Technorati. I’m trying to learn more about that. Might send you some questions, if that’s okay. Not even sure what I need to know!

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