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The Language of the Hand…

Posted by BarbaraZ on January 1, 2013

Hands speak a language of their own, not always the same as their owner!

Hands speak a language of their own, not always the same as their owner!

The hand is an extension of the individual. It is most expressive. The language spoken by the hand, its position, or gesture,  can verify if the individual really means what they are saying. Hands can also speak in place of words… in a gentle way… or in a savage way. Touch can be a most healing tool, it can also be quite destructive.

There are specific postures or positions for the hands when an individual is in a state of prayer or meditation. The hands of a loving parent are the extreme opposite of someone fighting. The parents hands have a soft caressing look and feel as they demonstrate the love of the parent for the child. The fighter’s hands are held in a hard and often tight position meant to strike out and inflict pain.

When we see someone in need, their hand may be stretched outward, toward us, asking for help. We, ourselves, will reach out to another when we need help. That outward reach can also be the hand of one willing to give what help they can to one who needs it. There were many hands showing both needs after hurricane Sandy hit and destroyed so much property, upsetting  lives. Those who were left with nothing reached out for help. In response, individuals came from all over answering that need. They reached out their hands with aid… be it food, hammers and wood or with whatever they knew was needed.

There are those who keep their hands in their pockets when they are around others. There are also those whose hands are forever touching everyone they see. Certain cultures are huggers, such as those in the Latin and Mediterranean countries. Other cultures stand back as the Oriental cultures, as a sign of respect. The gestures or movements of the hand in one country, can be an insult. Yet in another country it is a positive sign or gesture. just note, by reading the comments that come with the first linked article, many still cannot agree on the meanings. Perhaps it is because the meanings change over time. For a very intensive listing of gestures, check this article found in Wikipedia.

For some, like the deaf, it is their means for speech. It is not just one position, but often includes a gesture that shows meaning. It is most amazing to me, to see people ‘speaking’ through signing. It demonstrates just how expressive the hands can be… in a very involved and expressive manner.

Know what your hands are saying to others! Are your words saying what you really mean, or do your hands reveal your true sentiments.

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