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Let Us All Try Something New… Peace

Posted by BarbaraZ on December 18, 2012

Let Us All Give Peace a Chance

Let Us All Give Peace a Chance

For how many centuries has the world tried war, hatred, dominance and more to gain or prove superiority.

Now it is becoming acceptable to show the extent of our inner demons.

When it comes to the first,  just is not working! Those who end up on the bottom layer of oppression will always seek their freedom from those holding them down. This has been going on for centuries, between religions, cultures and races. In my own country there are those who are still fighting the Civil War. We were once called a melting pot… no more.

Now, if you are upset, angry at another, or feel threatened it seems to be acceptable to grab a gun and ‘take out’ the source of your problem. Why are assault weapons needed by individuals within the regular population? I am not against guns… but the type of guns that are available.

There is also the need for help to be given to those who need mental counseling. In a country as wealthy as ours, programs that give this help are being shut down. There is also a stigma involved. It is no different then when the mentally ill were locked away… now we do it to ourselves rather then admit that we, ourselves, or our child needs help.

First we have to believe that Peace is a real option! It does not have to be perfect as nothing in life is perfect. It will take real effort by all involved. Much will require each individual looking at life, events, feelings with a new perception or outlook. Sometimes when we look at a feeling or event from the opposite viewpoint or a different angle, our own perception changes. Most importantly we need to learn to listen and get to know each other… as individuals not as generalizations.

Next, we need to be persistence in this quest for Peace. It will not come overnight.

I will hand my belief and love of Peace to you… now it is your turn to believe and hand your belief to another. This needs to be done over and over, until it reaches all areas of the world. It does not have to start with just me!  You can start handing off your love of Peace wherever you are and maybe we will accomplish our goal quicker.    As my signature says, “Peace begins with each of us, as individuals”  Pass it on!

3 Responses to “Let Us All Try Something New… Peace”

  1. BarbaraZ said

    The subject may be heavy at this supposedly happy time of year, but that does not stop the tragedies from happening. I wish there was a simple way to change the atmosphere that exists in so many parts of the world today… like releasing Pixi dust in the story Peter Pan, that would wipe out the anger and hatred that exists. I guess I am just dreaming when I think that if we all started to reach out… it could happen. Yeah… I am dreaming, but I will continue to do so… as what exists today is a nightmare for the lives of too many in the world.

  2. harvee said

    A very timely message, Barb. Thanks and a Happy New Year 2013, hopefully the beginning of awareness and our moving ahead.

    • BarbaraZ said

      Thanks for the visit Harvee. I am going to keep hoping that people will see and somehow believe that Peace is real, it is good for all involved… and that they give it a chance

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