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Wish for Peace… I know, I am just dreaming out loud…

Posted by BarbaraZ on April 18, 2013

A new day for all of us

A new day for all of us

I know I should not let the events that have happened like that of the Boston marathon and Newtown get me down, but they do. I just cannot help but wonder about the world that my children and my grandchildren will live in down the road. It is so sad that we, as people cannot learn to live together in Peace. Can you imagine all that could be accomplished if the negative efforts were put toward positive efforts in science, agriculture, education and more.. the wonders that could happen?

I wish that I could see the day

when all the world was free.

When people of any race or creed

could be friends as friends should be.

words of a 14-year-old, written after the Hungarian invasion of 1956 (me)


Some day after mastering the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of Love,

and then for the second time in the History of the World, 

Man will have discovered Fire.

Words of Teilhard de Chardin


Words have the power to destroy or heal,

When words are both true and kind,

they can change the world.

From Jack Kornfield’s,  Budda’s Little Instruction Book


On a lighter note, the words from the song Side by Side.

Oh! We ain’t got a barrel of money;
Maybe we’re ragged and funny.

But we travel along, singing a song,
Side by side.

Don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow;
Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow,

But we’ll travel along, sharin’ our load,
Side by side.

Through all kinds of weather,
What if the sky should fall?

Just as long as we’re together,
It doesn’t matter at all.

When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted,
We’ll be just the same as we started,

Just traveling along, singin’ a song,
Side by side.

“Side by Side” is a popular song with lyrics by Gus Kahn and music by Harry M. Woods written in 1927, now considered a standard. “Wikipedia

The song has such simple lyrics, but if we applied the principle to how we lived our lives… working together, through all the troubles that come our way, this world could be such a better place. Unfortunately there is this need for power, dominance, greed that permeates the thoughts of some individuals that prevents it all from happening.  Remember, Peace begins with each of us, as individuals

Side by Side We Can Change the World

Side by Side We Can Change the World

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3 Responses to “Wish for Peace… I know, I am just dreaming out loud…”

  1. Connie said

    Dreams are what make things happen. So keep dreaming out loud. :) Amen to your prayer, World Peace, AMEN.

    • BarbaraZ said

      Oh, Connie… I keep thinking that if I dream this hard enough it will catch on. Peace is such a beautiful state. Why can’t people see this. The world is getting too small for the fighting and all. Survival will require cooperation between all!

  2. BarbaraZ said

    I have gotten comments for my blog posts, but when I follow the links… I have trouble wondering why the posters even think I would publish the comment.

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